Friday, 12 July 2013

Wonky Lolly

I made ice lollies for my Sister & her man last weekend.  I had to improvise a bit as I'd left making these till the last minute and couldn't find any ice lolly sticks,  so I used 3 wooden skewers ( cut the spikes off !)  which seemed to work ok. I used a combination of rum and coconut milk, pineapple juice,  apple juice, peach smoothie and cherry juice. I poured the first layer into the lolly mould with the sticks held in place stuck through a piece of cardboard. I put it into the freezer tilted at an angle for a couple of hours, took it out, poured in another colour and repeated tilting it the opposite way each time. So simple, but I think they look really pretty! 

Our colourful indian bedspread came in handy as a picnic blanket.  

Anna bought me peonies that opened up in about 30 seconds, so beautiful!


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