Friday, 18 October 2013

Heading to Kerala

We're off to Kerala in November with my mum and Stepdad. We're planning on moving around a bit, I think we're staying in 5 hotels in 2 weeks so far & I really hope it's not going to be too much for everyone. Nick and I have been to Kerala once before, but have found it so hard to plan this trip. We want to show my parents all the stuff we loved last time, without staying in exactly the same places and somehow,  knowing what you might be missing or how long & bumpy some of the car journeys will actually be is making it hard! I've had a few people ask about our travel plans, so I thought i'd share it as we book it!

1. The first couple of nights in Cochin , we're staying in The Old Harbour. We have actually stayed in this one before & absolutely loved it.

2&3. We're then staying right on Lake Vembanad for about 5 nights in Vismaya. This place is new to us, but we stayed in their sister villa a couple of years ago and thought it was brilliant and the owners were really nice.

4. Not booked yet, but a trip on the backwaters will fit in here somewhere!

5,6&7. We're heading up to the hills a little way and staying at Serenity, on Kanam Estate for 2 nights. We'd love to go further, but we're getting short of time and don't want to be in the car too much.

The next step of the journey, I think is going to be to go further south than we've been before to the beach at Kovalam. Then back up to Cochin on the train! 




 5, 6&7

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